Manhood Academy/5 Day Self Plϵ@sure #BroChallenge 🦁🍄

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5 Day Self Plϵ@sure #BroChallenge 🦁🍄

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A LIVE 5 Day Challenge lead by Brian Carew and Will Blunderfield to help you Unlock your Primal Nature, Fully Embody your Sexual Energy, Cultivate Brotherhood, Grow your Cock, and use masturbation to enhance your overall health 🔥. Group Zoom LIVES 8:45-9:45am PST Dec 5-9, but if u can't make that time you can still join this challenge & have lifetime access to the video recordings, private group & course content.

Capacity: 20 Men. 15 spots already sold! Sign up today!!!!

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DISCLAIMER: Brian and Will are leading the classes, but they are not here to be your "gurus" and are not responsible for any triggering that may occur at this boundary-pushing challenge, so please take accountability for your feelings. If you are easily triggered by sexuality, these classes are not for you. 


Hear what recent past participants have to say about the #BroChallenge!


"This challenge will be for you more than a self-pleasure experience. Will and Brian, with their profound knowledge and intense energy, will guide you like no one else in a journey of self-discovery, acceptance, transformation, and growth. It was certainly the case for me. I tell you with no doubt: jump in! Take the challenge. You'll enjoy the benefits of sexual energy transmutation sooner than you think."

Farmer Pepe


"In this challenge, Brian & Will provide a safe & empowering container for men of all kinds to show up as we are and be challenged, motivated & inspired to expand our personal sexual relationship with ourselves thus strengthening our connections with others—regardless of their gender or sexual expression. It was a beautiful 5 days of learning, community & brotherhood."

Rosco Difini


"The Bro Challenge was the most  radical program we've ever been part of! A big theme was breaking free from societal conditioning & harnessing sexual energy to be able to realize our full, creative potential as humans. We did "Sex Kung Fu," deconstructed the idea of gay vs. straight & low-vibe lust vs. "eroticism", got familiar with our buttholes, and learned the value of semen retention through practice. It was awesomely counter-cultural in every way, and so damn inspiring! If you are interested in fearlessly, shamelessly stepping into your masculinity in a whole new way, I would recommend this program!"

I'm Ready to Upgrade My POTENCY now!

This 5 day experience is for the man who is seeking to:
• unlock his primal nature 🦍 
• fully tap into his sexual energy/power 🔥 
• practice semen retention 💦 
• Improve his masturbation/solo-play practice 🍆 
• learn to move more freely and confidently in your own body 🦁 
• learn to last longer and not pre-ejaculate 💥 
• get more erect (harder) and for longer 😀 
• embody a deeper sense of sexual and personal confidence 🙏 



*** IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Welcome To The Challenge!
    5 Element Theory

      Day 1: Objective Assessment 👓

      Objective Assessment & Balancing Metal 🥄
        Journaling Prompt/assignment Day 1
          Class 1 - Lungs/Courage/"SSS"
          • 50 mins
          • 254 MB

          Day 2: Long Range Projection 🏝

          Longer 3 year ultimate all round projection of yourself and your life. 
          Long Range Projection & Balancing Water 💧
            Journaling Prompt/assignment Day 2
              Class 2 - Kidneys/Calm/"CHUUU"/PENIS
              • 57 mins
              • 294 MB

              Day 3: Focusing on 1 Area 👀

              Focussing your sexual energy into one of the following areas:
              1) Fitness / Wellness
              2) Relationships
              3) Finance / Business
              Honing in on your Goal & Balancing Wood 🌲
                Journaling Prompt/assignment Day 3
                  Class 3 - Liver/Kindness/"SHHH"/ANUS
                  • 60 mins
                  • 255 MB

                  Day 4: Obstacles 💥

                  - Journal assignment: Recognizing your barriers to embodying your most potent self and reaching your sexual goals
                  - What good daily habits must you form to get there?
                  Recognizing and Transmuting Obstacles to your Goal & Balancing Fire 🔥
                    Journaling Prompt/assignment Day 4
                      Class 4 - Heart/Joy/"HAAA"/PROSTATE
                      • (1h 02m 17s)
                      • 325 MB

                      Day 5: Your Future Self 🦸‍♂️

                      Action / Imagine yourself 1 year into the future, describing your future self in the context of your sexual energy uprising. 
                      Actioning / Future Self & Balancing Earth 🌏
                        Journaling Prompt/assignment Day 5
                          Class 5 - Spleen/Trust/"HOOO"/EJACULATION RITUAL
                          • 60 mins
                          • 305 MB

                          Meet Your Instructor: Will Blunderfield

                          Will is a yogi, podcast host, musician, seeker, and a dedicated champion of the rewilding movement.

                          He's spent the last 20 years travelling the world studying with powerful teachers ranging from Mantak Chia to Gurmukh, learning potent techniques that helped him overcome addiction.

                          He was a Professor's Assistant & holds a degree from the University of British Columbia in Psychology, Critical Studies in Sexuality, & Human Nutrition.

                          Will's notorious & potent form of rewilding men's work has exploded in the online world, and most recently has been featured on iHeartRadio's Man Thinkers, eBaum's World, Tom Segura's Your Mom's House, Congratulations with Chris D'Elia, Tiny Meat Gang (TMG Studios), The Fat Jewish, The Province, The Vancouver Sun, The Jason Ellis Show, The New York Post & Esquire Magazine.

                          American digital media company Channel 5 News & Andrew Callaghan recently filmed and released a full documentary on Will and his work.

                          The BBC & Helen Lewis recently released a programme and interview on The New Gurus where Will discusses his work. He was also interviewed for a docuseries on sexuality for CBC, for VICE News, and for The Globe & Mail.

                          Will has combined the best of the best, most effective yogic tools and techniques into one powerful program that makes these ancient teachings accessible and easy to learn for all humans.

                          Meet Your Instructor: Brian Carew

                          Brian Carew (a.k.a Dex Parker) is a Holistic Movement & Breathwork Coach, Registered Respiratory Therapist, Movement Flow Instructor, and 700hr RYT deeply passionate about the moving human body. Brian’s mission is to help people feel more confident, connected, and safe in their own body through the modalities of primal movement, dance, somatics, breathwork, and energy work. After exploring dozens of movement modalities and spiritual practices over the past 10 years, Brian has brought his real life experience into his coaching/mentoring career.



                          With this 5 Day Challenge you’re getting INCREDIBLE value:

                          - 5 powerful Sex Kung Fu / Primal Movement classes lead by Will & Brian ($250 Value)
                          - Powerful Proprietary Journalling Process ($500 Value)
                          - Practical Goal Setting System ($500 Value)
                          - Private telegram group to cultivate community (Priceless)
                          - LIFETIME unlimited access to class videos ($100 Value)

                          Total Value: $1,350+
                          – but your investment won't be anywhere near that, we're talking $99!


                          "Thank you Will and Brian...this type of knowledge is exactly what I need to fix some of my internal problems." - Chris

                          “Just wanted to let you know that I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the course: learned some new things, and have a different perspective on things I’ve previously learned/studied.  I love your flow, and that your explanations were easy to follow/understand, especially for those that had never done naked breathwork, yoga, movement, meditation, etc. before” - Jacobí 

                          “Major shout out to your work and teaching. Guys and girls have been begging for my dick since I started... and most of all, I FINALLY feel comfortable and safe in my own body. Thanks, my dude.” - Nev 

                          “It’s dearmoring, and it’s breaking down the barriers between gay and straight and bi, and just becoming real men. Real men that are in this shit together. And it’s also breaking down the barriers between competition and comparison. There’s too much comparison which is keeping people weak, and there’s too much competition on the back of that.” – Silver Storic

                          Frequently asked questions

                          You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

                          I'm gay, is this course for me?

                          Yes! As long as you have a cock, balls, and a prostate, this course is designed for you!

                          I have no training in semen retention. Is this course suitable for beginners?

                          This course is designed for ALL levels. It also includes 5 live coaching sessions to iron out any kinks and delve more deeply into a personal practice. We plan to meet Monday through Friday at 10 AM PST. If you are not able to make that time, no worries! You will have lifetime access to the video recordings. 

                          I'm scared to be naked!

                          We aim to provide a safe space for all participants to explore their comfort zones and gently push their boundaries at their own cadence. Nudity is highly encouraged, but not enforced! It's about finding freedom and body acceptance at your own pace 😃