Activated Masculine Workouts 1, 2 & 3 by Will Blunderfield

Activated Masculine Workouts 1, 2 & 3

Will invites you to the world of male Tantra and Sexual Kung Fu. “Kung fu” literally means daily discipline, and these classes are not a western martial arts class.

Learn to harness and direct your sexual energy for greater health, manhood, and bliss...

These SOLO WORK classes are designed to guide you through all aspects of tantra, such as breathing, Iron Crotch Chi Kung (hanging weight from the genitals), Tao Kung-Fu and ritual. Breathing is an essential part of Sexual Kung Fu and tantra. We will practice ancient breathing techniques from the taoist and Kundalini traditions to increase your physical and sexual energy. You will learn how to circulate the sexual energy and to have ecstatic experiences. 

Together we celebrate a holistic experience that will touch your heart, your spirit and your sexual center. We use active and silent meditations to connect more profoundly to ourselves. 

What's included?

Video Icon 3 videos


Sex Kung Fu Workout 1
(1h 25m 42s)
Sex Kung Fu Workout 2
43 mins
Sex Kung Fu Workout 3: Beast Mode
(1h 34m 04s)


"I'm so grateful for that experience" - Cam 

“Thank you for the great session. I’ve never actually done anything like that with other men before. It was a liberating experience”  - Matt
“Great call, thanks for exposing me to that. It’s much needed work. I’d imagine a lot of straight guys would be challenged by that.. but Therein lies the work :) Thanks for being the light in that way. It’s beautiful. Deep.” ⁣- Alex 
“I was actually thinking that in these times of social distancing it would be great if there were more online videos like this.” - John ⁣