Chakrubs & Full Moon Ritual Bundle by Will Blunderfield

Chakrubs & Full Moon Ritual Bundle

Learn two sacred rituals for a sweet discounted rate! First, join Will and Dex as they journey deep into the forest, drop their drawers, and co-facilitate an ejaculation ritual harnessing the power of the moon. Then, enjoy a unique tutorial that shows men and their partners how to heal and balance the prostate gland using a Chakrubs anal plug! Each ritual is about an hour. 

What's included?

Chakrubs Plug & Prostate Health Workshop with Will & Mr. Dex Parker

Dissolve negative energy and release stress from your root to improve emotional well-being. 

Full Moon Ritual with Will Blunderfield & Mr. Dex Parker

Cumming is Sacred. Learn how to bring ceremony and reverence to it.