Full Moon Ritual with Will Blunderfield & Mr. Dex Parker by Will Blunderfield

Full Moon Ritual with Will Blunderfield & Mr. Dex Parker

Ancient technologies for bringing reverence and ritual into your ejaculatory experiences

Do you suffer from internalized homophobia or sexual shame?

Do you desire to bring more spirit and feeling into your sexual practices?

Sexuality is the biggest wound in all of modern day society. Conversely, our ancestors knew the power and potency of sex and ejaculation and used it in ritual for greater health, wealth, and uplifting manifestations.

It’s far from uncommon for straight men to have had communal naked masturbatory experiences

Whether in ancient Judean caves or erotic art galleries, straight men have been gathering for the express purpose of group naked activities including self-pleasuring for millennia (eg: ancient Middle Eastern pagans gathering in a field to J.O. as part of a fertility rite, or pretty much any vase designed in ancient Greece).

Dudes being naked, exercising, and masturbating together was historically considered to be an ancient symbol of abundance. While some cultures and religions viewed semen as something to hold in, many cultures saw masturbation as a way to summon agricultural fecundity. Ancient Middle Eastern Pagan men would engage in orgiastic mutual masturbation sessions during the harvest. The key was to ejaculate together onto the Earth, therefore summoning beneficent energies from the gods of life and land. Although pagans deem sex as a sacred act, using auto-eroticism as a form of alchemy to bolster sex magic was totally natural.

Join Brian Carew aka. Mr. Dex Parker and I on an exciting and powerful journey into the world of Sex Magic and Sacred Sexuality through this beautiful Full Moon Ejaculation Ritual.

What's included?

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Ritual Introduction
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The Ritual
Outline & History of Fertility Rituals
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The Ejaculation Ritual
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Post Ritual Reflection
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"I was one of those people who felt a massive blanket of shame when I first did these types of practices. Now it seems super normal. It feels so energizing and life giving. I have moments when I'm with you guys doing this stuff where I'm actually seeing my self and you guys as true primal beings... not even like people, where we are just this pulsing Life Force that's juicing itself / each other up."