Kundalini Yoga Workout by Will Blunderfield

Kundalini Yoga Workout

Powerful yoga practice to strengthen not just the muscles, but also the glands, nervous system and organs.

Want to take your mental and physical fitness to the next level?

Kundalini Yoga is a technology to amplify human consciousness while removing lower vibrational energy from the physical + mental bodies of the practitioner. It is an ideal practice in today’s fast paced world as it requires little time to practice and produces profound results.

Kundalini yoga is an uplifting, energizing and transformative type of yoga that uses physical postures, powerful breath work, audible chants or “mantras” and hand gestures or “mudras” to produce full body awareness and purification. Directly translated to “coiled one” in Sanskrit, the term “Kundalini” refers to the uncovering of the spiritual “life force” energy located at the base of the spine, said to linger there, coiled up tight like a snake, waiting to be released. Unlocking this potent energy is the primary focus of Kundalini yoga.

Kundalini yoga is an excellent way for practitioners of all levels to get out of their minds and into their bodies. By using movement, meditation, breath work, mantra and energy healing, Kundalini yogis release stress and trauma from the energetic body (or aura) that surrounds the physical body. What remains? A deep sense of bliss.

* This is a clothed class

What's included?

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Kundalini Yoga Workout
30 mins


“Will is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever practiced with. His commitment to learning and being the highest version of himself is felt in every class. He has also performed a miracle by getting this “non-morning person” motivated and up practicing Sadhana with him, every morning at 4:30 am! And that doesn’t even touch on his beautiful voice & singing in class, which is nothing short of one of the most magical experiences one can have on the mat.”

Lara Kozan, Founder of YYoga