Solo Cultivation for Masculinity by Will Blunderfield

Solo Cultivation for Masculinity

Will demonstrates a half hour solo cultivation practice designed to elevate testosterone, self love, and masculine potency while ravishing women in bed.

Edging for more testosterone?

There’s a lot of rumour and misconception swirling around male abstinence.

Online communities like reddit’s “Nofap” group encourage each other to abstain from touching their cocks and edging, claiming to have better sex, more testosterone and increased confidence as a result of this self-imposed masturbation ban. But does an imaginary chastity belt really make you a better man?

Researchers from Zhejiang University set out to find out.

The scientists checked the testosterone levels of a group of abstaining men every day for a week. During most of the week, the testosterone fluctuations were minimal at best. However, on day 7, the researchers found that testosterone levels rocketed to a massive 145% of their baseline levels. That’s a lot of T.

In this video, you will learn how to enjoy self pleasuring WHILE raising your T levels through the ancient practice of Sexual Kung Fu. You will cultivate the ability to have full body non-ejaculatory orgasms, break free from porn, utilizing your body, your voice, and your imagination to experience the deepest, most life giving sexual experiences with your self which will then translate into deeper and more potent experiences with women. 

As above, so below. As within, so without. 

Train in self-pleasure and watch your sex life--and success--increase astronomically!

What's included?

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Solo Cultivation for Masculinity
25 mins