Solo Full Moon Ritual for Masculine Balance by Will Blunderfield

Solo Full Moon Ritual for Masculine Balance

Use your ejaculations to manifest your goals. 

Solo Ejaculation Ritual

Men can utilize their sacred elixir; their semen. In Tantric practices we teach the retention of the Bindu, (Orgasm without ejaculation); to circulate this powerful energy back into the body; allowing for the energy to rise up into higher chakras & awareness; to complete the kundalini circuit. This leaves the man energized, rather than depleted of energy.

However, there are scientific studies showing that "infrequent ejaculation can lead to oxidative stress due to reduction in semen turn-over. This means that the sperm stay in the gonads longer & therefore are exposed to reactive oxygen species, leukocytes or other toxic substances which can damage them".

Moderation is the key.

For men who are not at the stage of their spiritual path & mastering this tantric practice. Using semen for sacred ritual can be just as potent.

It is all about your intention. First and foremost. Where attention goes ~ energy flows.

In this 1 hour ritual, Will leads you through an ancient Pagan cumming ritual from his ancestors in Scotland. A powerful ejaculation concludes the ceremony as a form of giving back to the earth. 

What's included?

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Full Moon Solo Ejaculation Ritual Intro
The Ritual
52 mins