Spartan Bonding Exercises by Will Blunderfield

Spartan Bonding Exercises

Powerful group rituals for men incorporating breath, nature, sound and movement. 

Did you know:

Spartan warriors in ancient Greece had erotic bonds with other men to "boost morale" and gain "strong emotional relationships."
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The cult that runs this planet is aware that these types of bonds make men way too powerful (way too many life-giving hormonal secretions such as testosterone and oxytocin are released), so they instilled homophobia into the schooling, medical and religious systems to keep men separate, weak, and in a fear/lack state of competition.

These rituals are designed to re-connect men to their essence and to facilitate social bonding between men, just as the Spartans did.

This is done through Entrainment. The Law of Entrainment simply states that when we invite a high vibrational frequency into a lower field or pattern of energy (eg sexual shame, insecurity, homophobia), the lower frequency will raise its rate of vibration to meet the higher frequency. 

Just as the basis of all holistic healing modalities, these Spartan Exercises release the blocked patterns of energy and therefore gives us the freedom to embody the higher vibrations of Alpha Masculinity, potency, joy and abundance on all levels. 

What's included?

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Setting the Scene...
1 min
Did You Know:
Hot Tips
Breathwork & Cold Exposure
6 mins
Morning Wake-Up Spartan Activation
6 mins
Bonding Ritual
9 mins
Spartan Grounding Ritual
6 mins
Spartan Activation/Bonding Exercises
4 mins
Spartan Bite/Fucking Release Exercises
8 mins
Wildman Spartan Activation with Silver Storic
7 mins
Beautiful Cock Ritual
7 mins
Spartan Exercises with the Best Hug Ever!
5 mins