The Wild Masculine

Semen Retention Training
"I’m noticing my relationship to my body and my cock totally shifting to a place of love and power and source energy and feeling more confident and more just like myself." - Jared B.


Cold exposure, nutrition, breathwork, sexual kung fu, reflexology, acu tapping, yoga, rewilding, nakedness, and releasing of the Dominator System’s emasculating programming fuse together to create THE WILD MASCULINE, designed for hetero and fluid males. As we heal our own sex/glandular system/psyches, we help to heal the entire planet!

Here are some of the benefits you'll get from this course...

- Heightened sense of mental and emotional clarity 🧠
- Become the lover most women dream of ❤️
- Transmute unconscious homophobia to access deeper platonic, life giving bonding with other males 🤝
- Feel energized and nourished after sex, not exhausted ⚡
- Become completely confident naked whether in the locker room or in the bedroom 🍆
- Break free of all forms of addictions including porn 🥴 
- Have multiple orgasms & experience longer, more satisfying sexually ecstatic states 😄
- Raise your testosterone levels and sperm count 💪

“The individuals of greatest achievement tend to be those who have highly developed sexual natures and who have learned the art of sex transmutation.” - Napoleon Hill

Mick's Experience

"It's unlocked this primordial strength within me."

Troy's Testimonial

"Invest in yourself. Becoming strong is the most noble thing you can do... Start cultivating your sexual energy and bring it up into the pineal gland & into your reality." - Troy Casey, Certified Health Nut


"A lot of these exercises I know but the way Will ties it all together so seamlessly and the way that he does it so shamelessly is extremely powerful and I just wanted to thank him for that... taking time to honor myself. Just finding this time/this space with this wild baby has been a challenge... but I'm standing strong for what I need to do for my health, and for myself, and for my cock and my balls, and loving myself in the deepest way."
- Alexander E. Hill, Founder/Leader of Man Tribe
All my life I tried to hide and only show my "cool" side that is not really me. Everyone I met in my life, every friend, I tried to be cool. I tried to be "not me." I was like "oh I can't say that now, I can't be like that, because what would they think?" Crazy!... But I tell you in this course I've awakened the masculine part of myself, and I can show up for myself for LIFE." 
- Diego Cesar, International Yoga Teacher
"If you're thinking about working with Will Blunderfield, I recommend it. I'm Sasha Daygame, the founder of Infinte Man Summit, and he's come to our events to teach Naked Men's Yoga & Sexual Kung Fu. Everybody loves him! He brings a great energy, he's really passionate about what he does, and I love the guy and so should you! Have fun with him!"
- Sasha Daygame, world class personal development coach, speaker, and YouTuber

Meet your teacher: Will Blunderfield

I'm a yogi, podcast host, musician, seeker, and a dedicated champion of the men's rewilding movement.

I am a certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor, a lineage rooted in Taoism & Classical Chinese Medicine. I've trained in Taoist Esoteric Yoga / Sexual Kung Fu / Iron Crotch Chi Kung with Senior Healing Tao Instructor Loren Johnson as well as Taoist Sexual Kung Fu Grandmaster himself, Mantak Chia. I also studied advanced Kundalini Yoga in the Himalayas with Legacy Teacher Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. 

I have completed both the Progressive & Intensive courses of Dr. Joe Dispenza. I'm a certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher, a program based out of the University of Massachusetts Medical School. I have studied and co-facilitated group breathwork retreats and workshops (Conscious Connected Breathing) with master teacher Edward Dangerfield. He is a student of Germanic New Medicine and regular attendee of the International Germanic New Medicine Conference.

I have a degree in Psychology with a double minor in Critical Studies in Sexuality and Food, Nutrition & Health from the University of British Columbia. I completed conservatory training in acting and voice production/speech on scholarship at AMDA (American Musical & Dramatic Academy of New York) and studied Herbalism at the Wild Rose College. I have been initiated in person by Sadhguru into the Yogic technologies of Inner Engineering & Shambhavi Mahamudra.

My main aim in this course is to share ancient teachings from China and India to help you increase the size of your penis, increase your erection quality, improve your sexual performance and stamina and of course improve your overall confidence, health & wellbeing.

From the Scottish Highlands to Rishikesh to Indonesia to Okinawa, I’ve spent much of the last 11 years travelling the world doing teacher trainings and studying under powerful teachers learning powerful sexual techniques that helped me break through drug abuse, porn addiction, and self-hate. In my courses and classes, I have combined the best of the best, most effective male sexual tools and techniques into one powerful program that makes these ancient teachings accessible and easy to learn for all men.⁣ ⁣


- Experienced Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) with Yoga Alliance
- Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher Levels 1 & 2 (Kundalini Research Institute)
- Inner Engineering & Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya (Sadhguru, ISHA Foundation)
- Compassionate Inquiry Training (Dr. Gabor Maté) 
- Universal Healing Tao (Mantak Chia, Loren Johnson)
- B.A. Psychology; Double Minor: Critical Studies in Sexuality (CSIS) & Food, Nutrition & Health (University of British Columbia)
- Speech Level Singing & Vocal Production (Seth Riggs, vocal coach of Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Alicia Keys)
- Integrated Acting & Performance Professional Training (American Musical & Dramatic Academy)
- Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher (The Centre for Mindfulness Studies)
- Herbology (Wild Rose College)
- Reiki Therapist Level 1 (Usui Shiki Ryoho, Associação Brasileira de Reiki)


My course will break your addiction to sex/porn because you will be more juicy and glandularly balanced within your own body. You will feel more whole and complete without needing anything outside yourself, and from that place you will attract the ideal partner(s).

Here's what Brian had to say...

"One of the most empowering and unique experiences I've had the pleasure of embarking on." 

What's included?

Video Icon 118 videos File Icon 3 files Text Icon 23 text files


Fundamental Tools & Core Underpinnings
Clarity Exercise: Future Self Journaling
The 3 P's: Passion, Purpose, Personality
Lesson/Practice Log & Hot Tips
Creating ABUNDANCE With Your Sexual Energy & The BIGGEST OBSTACLE Keeping Men From Their Potential
Wisdom on Playing Your Edge
13 mins
Module 1: Rewilding, Sexual Kung Fu & Semen Retention Benefits
1.1 Medical Disclaimer
1.2 Greetings
1.3 Aim of the Course
1 min
1.4 Why Master Your Sex Energy? Why Rewild Yourself?
1.5 Who I Am
1.6 What is Rewilding? - Part 1
2 mins
1.6 What is Rewilding? - Part 2
10 mins
1.8 How does "Gay/Straight" Play Into This? - Part 1
3 mins
1.8 How does "Gay/Straight" Play Into This? - Part 2
3 mins
1.8 How does "Gay/Straight" Play Into This? - Part 3 with Shaman Durek
(1h 08m 59s)
1.9 Scientific Evidence - Part 1 [Semen Retention]
3 mins
1.9 Scientific Evidence - Part 2 [Semen Retention]
2 mins
1.9 Scientific Evidence - Part 3 [Nutrition & Detoxification]
1.9 Scientific Evidence - Part 4 [Penis Growth]
2.44 MB
1.10 Shame Hangovers - Part 1
4 mins
1.10 Shame Hangovers - Part 2
2 mins
1.11 Sexual Shame and the Dominator System
57 mins
1.12 Semen Retention and Ejaculation Frequency
3 mins
1.13 The Concept of Entrainment
2 mins
Breathing Meditation #1: Belly Breathing
4 mins
Module 2: Reconnecting to Your Wild Self
2.1 Knowing, Loving, and Embodying Your Manhood
2.2 Rewilding Your Penis / Foreskin Restoration Techniques
3 mins
2.3 The Importance of Nudity
2 mins
2.4 Wildman Activation - Part 1
3 mins
2.4 Wildman Activation - Part 2
3 mins
2.4 Wildman Activation - Part 3
7 mins
2.4 Wildman Activation - Part 4
5 mins
2.4 Wildman Activation - Part 5
7 mins
2.4 Wild Man Activation - Part 6 (Alternate Version)
6 mins
2.5 Shakti Shake with Heart/Cock Meditation
3 mins
2.6 Inner Smile
5 mins
2.7 The Microcosmic Orbit
13 mins
2.8 Mastering the Power Lock
2 mins
2.9 Kundalini Yoga to Open the Heart & Strengthen the Electromagnetic Field
38 mins
2.10 Exercises to Release Anxiety & Raise Testosterone
10 mins
2.11 Bite Back Kriya to Release Sexual Dysfunction - Part 1
8 mins
2.11 Bite Back Kriya to Release Sexual Dysfunction - Part 2
4 mins
2.12 EXAMPLE DAILY PRACTICE: Sex Kung Fu Class with Wildman Activation
(1h 28m 44s)
Breathing Meditation #2: Box Breathing
7 mins
Module 3: Becoming a Multi-Orgasmic Man
3.1 Core 4 Practice
15 mins
3.1 Core 4 with Women and Men
10 mins
3.2 PC Pull-Ups
3 mins
3.3 Testicle Massage
5 mins
3.4 Testicle Breathing (The Cool Draw) - Part 1
6 mins
3.4 Testicle Breathing (The Cool Draw) - Part 2
5 mins
3.5 Nipple Stimulation for Glandular Balance
14 mins
3.6 Separating Orgasm from Ejaculation (Classical Big Draw)
13 mins
3.6 The Global Big Draw Technique
8 mins
3.7 Venting Techniques for Overheating - Part 1
4 mins
3.7 Venting Techniques for Overheating - Part 2
1 min
3.8 Pelvic Massage
3 mins
3.9 The 6 Healing Sounds - Part 1
6 mins
3.9 The 6 Healing Sounds - Part 2
7 mins
3.10 3 Finger Technique: Preventing Ejaculation
2 mins
3.11 Sexual Kung Fu Kundalini Awakening Yoga (Class 1)
50 mins
3.12 Taoist Esoteric Yoga Full Beginners Class: Inner Smile, 6 Healing Sounds, Microcosmic Orbit & Basic Chi Kung
(1h 20m 54s)
3.13 Creating YOUR Daily Practice
7 mins
3.14 Quick Testosterone-Boosting Morning Routine
2 mins
3.15 Alleviating Horniness Without Cumming: Give Yourself A Heart-On
6 mins
3.16 Intuitive Sexual Kung Fu Full Class
(1h 00m 18s)
Breathing Meditation #3: Cultivating the Yin Channel
5 mins
Module 4: Yang & Yang - Masculine Bonding
4.1 The Essential Vitamin of Masculine Intimacy - Part 1
4 mins
4.1 The Essential Vitamin of Masculine Intimacy - Part 2
3 mins
4.2 Two-Man Primal Movement & Sex Kung Fu Practice: Iron Sharpens Iron
(1h 27m 05s)
4.3 From Dominance Hierarchies to Oneness
17 mins
4.4 Sacred Masculine Sound
9 mins
4.5 Cock Reclamation Chant Rituals - Part 1
18 mins
4.5 Cock Reclamation Chant Rituals - Part 2
11 mins
4.5 Cock Reclamation Chant Rituals - Part 3
5 mins
4.6 Ejaculation Full Moon Ritual Suggestions
4.7 Masculine Charging Cernunnos/Shiva Full Moon Ejaculation Ritual - Part 1
21 mins
4.7 Masculine Charging Cernunnos/Shiva Full Moon Ejaculation Ritual - Part 2
24 mins
4.7 Masculine Charging Cernunnos/Shiva Full Moon Ejaculation Ritual - Part 3
3 mins
4.7 Masculine Charging Cernunnos/Shiva Full Moon Ejaculation Ritual - Part 4
1 min
4.8 Two-Man Tantric Yoga Class with Movement for Glandular Health
(1h 45m 00s)
4.9 LIVE Sex Kung Fu / Cold Exposure / Rewilding with 6 straight men
(1h 34m 45s)
4.10 Kriya to Remove Imprints, Shame & Homophobia from the Cock & Prostate
(1h 29m 12s)
Breathing Meditation #4: Beautiful Cock Exercise + 30 Second Hug
7 mins
Module 5: Sex Kung Fu & Sexual Health
5.1 Ending Premature Ejaculation - Techniques
3 mins
5.2 Self-Pleasure Practices - Part 1
16 mins
5.2 Self-Pleasure Practices - Part 2
8 mins
5.2 Self-Pleasure Practices - Audio
13 mins
5.2 Self-Pleasure Practices - Part 3
23 mins
5.3 Overcoming Impotence
6 mins
5.4 Enlarging Your Penis and Balls
9 mins
5.5 Raising Your Sperm Count
7 mins
5.6 Prostate Health
3 mins
5.7 Healing Sexual Trauma
4 mins
5.8 Tool: Indian Jade Butt Plug
5.9 Sexual Kung Fu Kundalini Awakening Yoga (Class 2)
(1h 23m 59s)
5.10 Strengthening Your Package: Iron Crotch Chi Kung
55 mins
5.11 Group Primate Bonding Ritual for Stress Relief, Self Esteem & Cock Acceptance
9 mins
5.12 LIVE Partner Sex Kung Fu, Movement Flow & Qi Gong for Greater Energy Flow & Self ❤️
(1h 51m 16s)
Full Sex Kung Fu Class with Method to Purge Imprints of Past Partners from the Cock, Balls and Prostate
(1h 36m 41s)
Breathing Meditation #5: Strengthening Your Anus
3 mins
Module 6: Rewilding Practices
6.1 Earthing - Part 1
2 mins
6.1 Earthing - Part 2
1 min
6.2 Absorbing Yin Energy from the Earth Through Your Cock
3 mins
6.3 Feeling Your Ancestors' Support
5 mins
6.4 Outdoor Sexual Kung Fu Tantric Yoga Class - Part 1
43 mins
6.4 Outdoor Sexual Kung Fu Tantric Yoga Class - Part 2
36 mins
6.5 Victory Chant in Nature
4 mins
6.6 Exposing Your Cock & Balls to Nature & Sun - Part 1
1 min
6.6 Exposing Your Cock & Balls to Nature & Sun - Part 2
1 min
6.7 LIVE Sex Kung Fu Class - Beast Mode
(1h 34m 04s)
6.8 Shaking Kriya
4 mins
Breathing Meditation #6: Wim Hof Breathwork + Cold Plunging - Part 1
6 mins
Breathing Meditation #6: Wim Hof Breathwork + Cold Plunging - Part 2
5 mins
Breathing Meditation #6: Wim Hof Breathwork + Cold Plunging - Part 3
3 mins
Breathing Meditation #6: Wim Hof Breathwork + Cold Plunging - Part 4
9 mins
Module 7: Intimacy with Women
7.1 Shiva / Shakti Dynamics
7.2 Screwing Technique
3 mins
7.3 Fucking Simulation
8 mins
7.4 M/F Partner Recording of Live Workshop: Breathwork, Breast and Scrotum Massage, Kundalini Tantra, Yab Yum
(1h 41m 09s)
7.5 M/F Partner Recording of Live Workshop: Yab Yum Focus
(1h 10m 15s)
7.6 Squirting Information
7.7 Full Female/Male Tantra Class with Sat Kriya Jewell
(1h 53m 42s)
Breathing Meditation #7: Yab Yum Practice
13 mins
Module 8: Wild Masculine Nutrition
8.1 Optimize Your Masculinity: The Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation
2 mins
8.2 Super Life Cordyceps and More for Libido and Masculinity
8.3 Testosterone Morning Matcha Recipe
8.4 How Glyphosate, Heavy Metals, Plastics, Pesticides & other Endocrine Disrupters are fucking us up
8.5 Innate trans and gayness vs. chemical mutation & Importance of BIOME MEDIC
4 mins
8.6 Divine Masculine Sex Tonic
8.7 Kratom for Euphoria
7 mins
8.8 Apple Cinnamon Smoothie
8.9 Stinging Nettle Tea for Greater Testosterone & Libido
1 min
8.10 Yin & Cooling Foods - Part 1
3 mins
8.11 Yin & Cooling Foods - Part 2
1 min
Recommended Media
Mantra Music
Will's Links
Sex Kung Fu class focussing on removing imprints from the cock & prostate plus inner alchemy
(1h 42m 06s)
Sex Kung Fu class with genital weight hanging
(1h 36m 16s)
Sex Kung Fu Class Nov 15th 2020
(1h 43m 13s)
Sex Kung Fu Class Nov 22, 2020 w/ Foreskin Pulling Techniques
(1h 29m 47s)
Nov 29th Sex Kung Fu Live: Empty Force Immortal Compression & Anal Plug
(1h 16m 34s)


  • A one-on-one coaching call with Will to answer questions and help you tailor a personalized tantric practice and rewilding lifestyle
  • Unlimited access to Will's LIVE weekly Sex Kung Fu classes on Zoom
  • Access to private Telegram group for support and connection
  • Multiple guest teachers and erotic educational films including Naomi Prema Devi, Mr. Dex Parker, Mat Wakeham, Becca Tzigany & Shaman Durek
  • Lifetime Access to the Course
  • Wild Nutrition recipes and tips to bolster your testosterone and masculinity
  • Effective penis enlargement exercises
  • Kundalini yoga routines for sexual health and vitality

Sasha Daygame Endorses Men's Work with Will

"If you're thinking about working with Will Blunderfield, I recommend it." 

Testimonials 2020


"If you're even remotely considering signing up for a course of this type then this is one. Will is beyond passionate and committed to his work and the men who join him. He's one of the few influencers who stand in integrity and authenticity." - Kip Brooks, Trainer

"I’ve uncovered a lot of sexual shame and guilt, triggers with body shame, and unconscious homophobia... but it’s all a good thing. I’m noticing my relationship to my body and my cock totally shifting to a place of love and power and source energy and feeling more confident and more just like myself. So I’m excited to keep going and make these exercises a consistent daily thing." - Jared B.

"Thank you Will...this type of knowledge is exactly what I need to fix some of my internal problems." - Chris

“Just wanted to let you know that I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the course: learned some new things, and have a different perspective on things I’ve previously learned/studied.  I love your flow, and that your explanations were easy to follow/understand, especially for those that had never done breathe work, yoga, meditation, etc. before” - Jacobí 

“Major shout out to your work and teaching. Guys and girls have been begging for my dick since I started... and most of all, I FINALLY feel comfortable and safe in my own body. Thanks, my dude.” - Nev 

“It’s dearmoring, and it’s breaking down the barriers between gay and straight and bi, and just becoming real men. Real men that are in this shit together. And it’s also breaking down the barriers between competition and comparison. There’s too much comparison which is keeping people weak, and there’s too much competition on the back of that.” – Silver Storic

“Will's course has helped me increase my penis length, confidence, and I've been able to nourish my kidneys, heart, thyroid, and pituitary gland. Not only that, I've overcome stress and porn addiction and have harnessed the strength of seminal retention.” - Daniel

“I love your Sexual Kung Fu classes. For some reason I always receive more attention for women afterwards.” - Brad 

“Going into the session I was a bit nervous, but it was a great experience and I felt great energy and human connection. Will was an amazing instructor and guided us through the class in an awesome way! Looking forward to next time!” - Dr. John Hickey 

“I just tried the sexual techniques Will taught at Infinite Man Summit. (Self massage and How to hold your semen with using breathwork). My mind was blown how my body reacted to it! And I feel 10 times more masculine and suuuuper relaxed right now. Every man needs to get private mentoring from Will!” - Stefan Iverson 

“My partner and I attended a Sexual Kung Fu and Tantra for Males session with Will Blunderfield in Vancouver on Sunday (along with a clothing-optional kundalini yoga session) and came away refreshed, empowered, and happy.“ - Mark 

“I felt quite empowered and vitality flowing through me since your Sexual Kung Fu session yesterday. Thank you.” - Kevin

“Hey Will,

Amazing to meet you at Infinite Man Summit. You made the event truly special and helped a lot of people (myself included) reach a new level of themselves.

Naked Yoga and Sexual Kung Fu have been my conversation piece for the last two weeks.” - Alex Stridehouse

"Thank you for the brilliant tantric cultivation, seual kung fu and naked yoga sessions this morning. It certainly was a unique & intense experience where I felt connected with myself and with the other brothers who attended." - Sunil K.

“Great sexual king fu/naked men’s yoga session thanks. I also love your wisdom, took away many pearls. When you talked about being whole yourself and not looking for someone to complete you. That resonates so well with me... I no longer feel I need to try to fit someone’s ideals of beauty etc. And I feel so much more confident now. Being naked surrounded by others helps. Also I’ve had a stressful back to work week physically and everything feels so good after the session.” - male participant

"Will's Sexual Kung Fu class is life-changing. We are creating a brotherhood of spiritual men, that is amazing! We're awakening the Divine Masculine part of ourself that is sleeping in every human being, in every man out there. So for me, it was life-changing, transforming. I felt reborn when I was there the very first time. It's awesome. I could really feel ALIVE!

All my life I tried to hide and only show my "cool" side that is not really me. Everyone I met in my life, every friend, I tried to be cool. I tried to be "not me." I was like "oh I can't say that now, I can't be like that, because what would they think?" Crazy!... But I tell you in this class I can awaken the masculine part of myself, and I can show up for myself for LIFE. That's why I'm inviting you guys. All the men, try to get to Sexual Kung Fu to awaken the wild side of yourself!" - Diego Cesar, Yoga Teacher

"Thank you so much brother! My heart is filled with joy and gratitude for you leading us men into our greatness." - Andre

"Thanks man that was eye opening. That completely destroyed my world like Ayahuasca." - Jojo

"You are doing a great job expressing yourself in an authentic way! You are shaking up guys' worlds in the Western world and it's needed! Keep up your great work!" - Eddie

"I loved it. Truly. Made me cry. To have that connection with guys. I’ve been doing these things myself for so many years. But no one to really share it with.

So from now. I’m not holding back. Gonna spread it." - David, Sweden 

"That was great. It was less weird than I thought being naked like that with other men. It also got me out if my comfort zone, which was cool. And the cold shower. I've been trying to do that for months and I did it today finally." - Matthew, NYC

"Thanks so much for the wonderful class! I felt so energized and invigorated afterwards! Been practicing nofap and semen retention for the past few weeks (although with some edging) and I felt like this class helped me to channel my sexual energy better with more love rather than just focusing on elements of pleasure and release." - Suraj 

"I just made love with a really close friend. Feels like the first time I have had REAL sexual connection in awhile. Had complete control over my ejaculation and even decided to not ejaculate during or after the intercourses. Retaining and transmuting this energy. Feeling incredible. Thank you for educating and inspiring me to regain my sexual power ☯️

Many people will benefit from learning the truth. Porn and excessive ejaculation drains our CHI (life force) and limits our capabilities to reach TRUE sexual intimacy rooted in unconditional love without any expectation." - Matthew

"You are a great teacher, brother. Powerful Wolf Medicine runs through you. I'm so grateful to Great Spirit we decided to incarnate together to destroy the predator system thats been plaguing the planet for a very long time.

The time is NOW to align with a new Way.

My Divine Masculine does not consent.

I am free

I am sovereign.

I am Spirit.

Aho!" - Dimitri 

"The dopamine breathing was INSANE! My whole body vibrated with cosmic joy. Full body orgasms by just breathing YO!" - James

"I had the best interaction with a new girl yesterday too. Was a walk and talk, but I felt so powerful and grounded for her. Crazy how the work we did yesterday morning translated to that." - Martin 

"I wanted to share that I undertook your awesome dick swinging, belly slapping breathwork meditation today before my yoga practice.

With my body being more readily attuned to the movement after practice with you, I found that my my mind easily stepped aside and let the body follow its own path.

With no gremlins of shame to arise around ideas of ‘appropriate behaviour’ and the taboo of arousal and sensual joy on camera among other men blocking my experience I found that the kundalini soon was flowing freely and my pleasure centres pulsated with a beautiful, flowing energy orgasm.

I’m looking forward to delving more deeply into this form and unearthing the different layers of pleasure that can be aroused and accessed via this activating practice.

With deepest gratitude my brother." - Mat W.

 "The class lifted me out of that "horny porn" vibe to a "damn I feel good about myself" vibe" - Miguel

"I took a private sexual kung fu session with Will and he taught me the basics...and I've been pretty consistent with that and within about a month and a half of quitting porn and conastant ejaculation I have comletely gained back more sexual prowess than I ever had in my life. I havn't had sex like this since I was like 19 years old. Thank you Will. Will's the man. Whatever he's doing, is working!" - Matthew L.

Teachings from my teacher, Master Mantak Chia

I was grateful to get to study the Taoist sexual teachings with Mantak Chia and certify with him as well as senior instructor Loren Johnson. My aim is to bring his practices to life, in an easy and accessible way that western straight and heteroflexible men can really embody.

Mat's Experience

“I firmly believe that the former look and feel of my cock was its shrinking away from sight and true pleasure because of shame, fear and negative masculine sexual indoctrination. 

I can attest that since first meeting Will and coming into contact with his work I have come more fully into my cock than before and as a result there’s an increase in size, but more than that is the energetic connection which feeds the growth and my heart in a feedback loop that I love.” - Mat Wakeham, Co Host of The Body Knows Podcast.


I'm gay. Is this course for me?

Yes! As long as you have a cock, balls, and a prostate, this course is designed for you!

I have no training in semen retention. Is this course suitable for beginners?

This course is designed for ALL levels. It also includes a complimentary coaching session to iron out any kinks and delve more deeply into a personal practice.

Deigo's Experience

"I've awakened the wild side of myself!"


“Will's WILD MASCULINE: Semen Retention Training course has brought about a massive change in how I view and experience my body, my masculinity, my sexuality and even my spirituality. The change in how I feel hasn’t gone unnoticed by the ladies 😇.” 
James Nightingale, Personal Trainer